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man wearing a heart rate monitor Effective aerobic workouts require you to maintain your heart rate at an optimum level for about 20 minutes or more.  Intense activity that elevates your heart rate excessively can be counterproductive, because your body begins to produce lactic acid and muscles can be strained.  So it is important to monitor your heart rate during exercise, to ensure that your physical conditioning goals are achieved.

Basic heart rate monitors offer simple monitoring and data collection features, while advanced monitors often include extensive data collection and data management capabilities, and even computer interfaces.  REI offers a good selection of name brand heart rate monitors; you can also find an ever-changing selection of new and used monitors at eBay.

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Shop for heart rate monitors, pulse meters, and heart rate monitor watches at eBay auctions.

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Heart Rate Monitor Shopping

jogger checking his heart rate
Jogger Checking Heart Rate