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Electrocardiogram with SpO2 Readout

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heart rate monitor If you desire to lose weight or become more fit, a heart rate monitor can benefit your healthy lifestyle.  Consider it the active person's must-have accessory!  As more studies show that the key to effective exercise lies in balancing frequency, intensity, and time, more people are relying on heart rate monitors to achieve this balance.  Heart rate monitors are lightweight, easy to wear, and simple to use.  They can be worn in the great outdoors or inside the gym, and many of them can even be worn in the water!  Whether you are embarking on a new exercise program or are an elite athlete, you may find that these monitors benefit your physical fitness.

Heart rate monitors are electronic devices that enable people to monitor their heart rates while exercising.  A heart rate monitor usually consists of a snug chest strap and a wrist-worn display.  The chest strap contains a sensor that measures the electrocardiogram signal from the wearer's heart and transmits current heart-rate data to the wrist display.  The wrist display receives and displays the individual's current heart rate.  Some advanced heart monitors display more information, such as average heart rate and calories burned during a specified time period.  They may also store detailed log data, that can be downloaded to a computer.

Heart rate monitoring technologies are no longer limited to chest strap sensors, however.  Joggers and runners will especially appreciate Beurer's innovative, beltless heart rate monitor, which uses a finger sensor to measure its wearer's heart rate.

Listed below are a selection of heart rate monitor manufacturers as well as aerobic exercise and heart rate monitoring information resources.

Heart Rate Monitor Manufacturers

  • Polar USA
    Offers OEM heart rate monitoring products, including heart rate sensors plus wireless transmitters and receivers.
  • Sensor Dynamics
    California-based firm offers a wide selection of affordable heart monitors.
  • PAI Health
    PAI measures the heart health impact of your physical activity and guides you to a longer, healthier life.
  • Omron
    Offers heart rate monitors and pedometers that can help you increase the effectiveness of your exercise program by monitoring and quantifying your results every step of the way.

Heart Rate Monitoring Resources

  • Target Heart Rate
    Use this online survey tool to calculate your target heart rate for a safe and effective workout.
  • Heart Rate Calculator
    Features a target zone calculator for heart rate monitors.  Enter your age and resting heart rate, and calculate your target heart rate range for various exercises such as jogging, aerobics and cycling.

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